Increase your revenue by selling bundles on Shopify

The most easy way to create and sell bundle products – while automatically syncing inventory for your Shopify store. Effortlessly keep track of stock while upselling your customers and aiding product discovery. offers a flexible, intuitive way to improve your merchandising, boost sales and raise your AOV.

Sell More with Bundles

Start selling more creatively – explore some common use cases…


A familiar favorite – sets of identical products, sold together – buy more, save more!

Fixed Sets

A curated classic – two or more complementary products, sold together as a fixed set determined by you.

Mix & Match

Give your customers options – products sold as sets which allow your customer to choose aspects such as their preferred color and size.

Features & Benefits

Automatically Sync Inventory

No need to manually track stock as your bundles fly off the shelf. dependably syncs inventory to protect you from overselling (unless that’s part of your strategy!) Say goodbye to fulfillment nightmares.

Boost Appeal, Boost Sales

Inspire your customers to buy more with expertly curated bundles that allow them to make savings and purchase goods in their prefered combinations.

Simple Setup, No Limits offers a powerful, intuitive solution, allowing you to create a wide variety of deals, offers and buying options – no limits, set up is highly adaptable.

Incentivise Via Quantity Breaks

Buy more, save more! Encourage your customers to load up their carts and grab a bargain with sliding discounts on multipacks and more.

The Back Story

The best apps are born not as get-rich-quick schemes but to fulfill a real-life requirement. When Harold and his girlfriend ran into inventory syncing issues for their Shopify store, he fixed the problem with a custom-built app, SimpleSync.

When their needs evolved to incorporate selling bundled products – things got complicated… Harold took a step back, viewed the problem through a new lens, and the simple, but deceptively powerful was born.

Today, Harold still runs the show single-handedly, from his home office in the Netherlands. Seeing the creative, varied ways that users put to work keeps him inspired and motivated.

For maker stores, Bundles provides the ability to offer customers everything they need for a project, with the ability to offer multiple sizes. With the addition of automatic weight calculation, listing kits for sale is even easier. Easy to learn, easy to use, and excellent product support.

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